True way of Confession

Rishi and Vedhika are childhood friends as well as neighbors. Vedhika is a chatter box, whereas Rishi is a silent listener. They are extreme opposite with each other, yet they are always together. They both share the same class in college, so their journey to and forth will be always together. It was one of the usual days of their college when it all happened.

After their class Rishi and Vedhika were on their way back to their home. In their journey, Rishi was little worried for Vedhika, because unusually our chatter box was full on silent mood today. Actually she was in her deep thought, but about what?? That was unknown. Rishi was so eager know the reason behind her silent mood, so he initiated the conversation.

Rishi : Vedhika.. hey .. Vedhika..(shaking her from her deep thoughts)

Vedhika : hmm.. ( in her deeps thoughts)

She was not yet ready to come back from her deep thoughts, so she just ‘hmm’ as a response to his query which made him startle at first.

Rishi : Vedhika.. (in her concern) What happened to you? Why are you so like this??

She came back from to the reality when those questions hit her ears.

Vedhika : ah..hmm .. (coming back from her thoughts) Nothing Rishi..wo.. and what do you mean by like this? I am always like this..

Rishi : oh really! You are unusually silent and you are saying, you are always like this? When was those moments? (funny tone) actually I can’t remember any such occasions..

Vedhika just pass him a look with raising her left eyebrow and turn her face to the window side of their car. Rolling his eyes at her gestures, he again tried to pull up the conversation further.

Rishi : okay.. just tell me ..What is the problem Yaar?

Vedhika : problem ! (facing him) what problem?? There is no problem. And what made you think so?

Rishi : hmm.. it’s just because unlike every other day, today I am feel so noisy and disturbance here .(teased her with a smiling face)

Vedhika : really.. Very funny..(making a face)

Rishi : ok.. jokes apart.. now tell me what’s the matter?

Vedhika : what matter?

Rishi : oho.. now please tell me the matter yaar.. why are you been so silent today? what happened?

Vedhika : actually.. I was thinking ..

Rishi : about what?

Vedhika : hmm about..(eyeing him) hey lets go to our favorite place..( all of a sudden) I want to ask u something..

Rishi : ok then.. Let’s go… but what you want to ask??

Vedhika : that I will ask you only when we reach there (gives a sweet smile) ok.. now make it fast..

Rishi began to drive to the sea shore, which is their most favorite place and Vedhika was all back with her chit-chat chatter box mode which made him content. He was glad that she was back to her normal, but was little curious about what she will be going to ask.. 

At last they reached beach, their destination. Vedhika was so much into the ambiance and surrounding of the sea. She literally dragged Rishi to everywhere from the shore to ice cream stall. Finally they occupied on some rocks. Rishi helped her to sit on them with her ice cream, and then joined himself with her..

Rishi : so as now we reached here and you have already got your ice cream..

But before he could ask her or even complete his sentence, she just moaned with her chatter.

Vedhika : mm.. (moaning) Yeah.. It’s so yummy yaar..(enjoying her ice cream)

Rishi : ahaa.. by the way.. Do u remember the reason why we are here for?(pointing out the fact)

Vedhika : o.. yeah.. I totally forget about that..

Rishi : no mention please..(smiling teased her as a replay of thank you which she didn’t say at all )

Passing him a ‘not-so-cool’ look she began.

Vedhika : hmm… ok.. now I want your answers ..

Rishi : ok. Shot!

Vedhika : I want sincere answers..!

Rishi : okay..

Vedhika : and true answers..!

Rishi : did I ever lied to you?(little serious tone)

Vedhika : no.. Even though you have to promise me., that you will tell me only truth and sincere answers..

Rishi : what????

Vedhika : no more ‘whats’ are applicable.. Just Promise me..

Rishi : hmm! ok promise..(sighing with a deep breath)

Vedhika : (became so happy and in her chirpy tone) yeee ..

Rishi just give a look which mention ‘seriously’ to her.

Vedhika : oh.. hmm (coming to the real fact) ok… now my question is.. Rishi.. ..

Rishi : Vedhika don’t make so much delay.. just ask what it is..

Vedhika : ya I am just coming to it only na.. ok now.. tell me I am your best friend.. right?

Rishi : ya.. you have any doubt on that?

Vedhika : oho.. just give the answers only and don’t ask me back. (irritated)

Rishi : hmm .. ok… fine..

Vedhika : ok..(Smiling) so you will not hesitate to tell me anything.. right?

Rishi :  ya.. Do you really want me to answer these questions? Really? (in a surprised and serious tone)

Vedhika : no.. actually..

Rishi: what actually ??.. 

Vedhika : wo.. actually.. Rishi .. don’t mistook me ok.. (little worried) do you.. do you..(in hesitation)

Rishi : do Me.. do Me.. what ? (losing his patience)

Vedhika : Do you love someone?(all of a sudden)

Rishi just looked at her with a shocked and jaws dropped face.

Vedhika : now don’t look at me like that.. just give me the answer.

Rishi was stilled with her sudden question and just give another look to her.

Vedhika :   now you can’t back off Rishi .. (became irritated) you promised me that you will answer…

Rishi : hmm wo.. (little worried of her reaction he hesitated)

Vedhika : tell me naa?? Fast.. 

Rishi : actually .. (eyeing her) Ya

Vedhika : oho.. So My doubt was right?

Rishi : what You doubted me?

Vedhika : aa.. ya !( making a small face) but I was right.. so I am excused ok!(with a pride) Now tell who is that?

Rishi : what?

Vedhika : oho… now Don’t you dare start with your what series.. I know you are in love with someone.

Rishi : oh you know ? (eyeing her seriously)

Vedhika : hmm.. what you think I am?(with a pride) I know you are in love with that Ardra..

Rishi : what??(shocked and screamed)

Vedhika : don’t scare me with your screaming what’s and shocked face.. (showing irritation ) You know when I came to know about this.. I was so shocked and sad..(in a very low tone)

Rishi : sad? Really?

Vedhika : yes.. Ofcourse I felt really bad..(dejected tone) because you always says that I am your best friend, then you hide this from me.. I know Ardra don’t like me much.. But I don’t have any problem with her yaar.. I swear !

Rishi : Vedhika.. Vedhika relax, who the hell told you this nonsense that I love that stupid Ardra..

Vedhika : what..what do you mean by that? You yourself admit to me now that you are in love, so?

Rishi : so what? Yes, I am in love with someone. But it’s not the one you think..

Vedhika : what? That means you don’t love Ardra?

Rishi : I don’t even like her.. 

Vedhika : then ..(stammering) then whom are you in love with?

Rishi : wo..

Vedhika : wo.. wo.. what? Who is that lucky girl yaar? (Back to her teasing chirpy mood) How did you proposed her?

Rishi :  I didn’t proposed her yet..

Vedhika : what? (shocked) you didn’t proposed her yet.. What are you waiting for Rishi? Go and propose her.. I will come with you.. you know naa..(in a funny tone) I didn’t get any chance to see a live proposal… So here I am, come let’s make it today..

Rishi : now?(amazed)

Vedhika : yes.. Now please come.. please please.. for me…

Rishi : ah.. no I can’t go now..

Vedhika : o.. why?

Rishi : she is ..

Vedhika : Is She out for some place?

Rishi just nodded his head positively to her question.

Vedhika : ok.. so Don’t go.. just call her and propose ..

Rishi just pass a amazed and shocked look to her.

Vedhika : please don’t say you can’t do that too.. for me pleaseeeeeee…

Rishi : you really want me too do that now?

Vedhika : yes.. a big yessssss(all excited) Please…

Rishi : are you sure??

Vedhika : oho yes yaar.. come on fast.. are you scared??

Rishi : no .. I ..

Vedhika : don’t be yaar.. I am with you na??, so don’t be scare at all.. be brave and do it..

Rishi : ok.. if you insist..(I as u say)

Vedhika : thank you yaar.. now come on Dial fast,(all smiling)

Rishi took his phone and dialed the number.. on that very moment Vedhika’s mobile began to make the noise which frustrated her..

Vedhika : oho.. Now who will be calling me on this important time… (searching her phone) just a second Rishi.. you be on the call ok.. 

While saying that she took her cell phone and looked. When she saw the dialer name, she started laughing and turned towards Rishi who was looking at her intensely.

Vedhika : what is this? you Idiot! ( laughing) you dialed wrong number yaar. You are calling me (laughing)

Rishi : no.. I dialed to whom I am in love with.. ( looking straight into her hazel brow eyes in a very serious tone he confessed)

Vedhika’s expression was priceless and Rishi was satisfied with whatever happened, because at last he confessed her his feeling…. 

Acceptance or rejections are only counts as secondary, the primary and the most important one is to voice out your feeling”


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