Right Or Wrong

While we all entering in to the last week of February which considered as the month of love. Two Event of this week have touched my heart, which made me wrote this. One and the major one is about the JNU issues and the arguments have over that issue. Another is about an Actor who shown that he is a good human being.

We all are hearing so many controversies, arguments over some statement of some famous personality daily, and arose some supporters and opponents come into the limelight without even knowing the complete fact. Now Its Actor Padmasree Mohanlal who is been attacking by several famous and In-famous People. Are these People All Read or at least heard what he try to convey through his blog?? Over a month ago, It was Actor Amir Khan who is been attacked by this people for his statement of  Intolerance India. After knowing his complete sentence, what I felt was, he said was not wrong. What he tried to put forward was about the religious fight arising in our country, And by putting post against him while saying him to go to Pakistan as he belong to a Muslim community. We proved that he was right in his statement.

Media Plays as Good role in manipulating all of our minds, Without knowing the complete fact behind a theory or a simple statement, we Indian whom are Highly Literate come to our own Conclusions and Protest. Why?

Current Issue, where Actor Mohanlal said some words through his blog about understand the real India, motivates to Stand Up for our own nation, Respect the real soldiers who protect us and finally to proud to be an Indian. These are the Messages which I got while reading that blog. Is that a crime to say that? Is there some thing wrong in saying that? I Don’t think So. Then Why are Some people come forward to be against this statement.

Link: Mohanlal’s Blog Content

The Media Quoted “India Marikumbol , Namal endinu Jeevikanam” as his words and people without knowing the real reason behind come to protest. In the blog, it clearly specifies that it was not even his own Words.  It was wording from someone else which he has read/heard from some where. Now I Would like to question the all protesters, that what are the points that you are really  against?

Looking up on JNU issue, I am really ashamed to be called as a youth of India, if the student who conducted an Anti-Nation Meet and named that as a Cultural Event being included in the same category.

Youtube Link : Afzal Guru Openly Admitting his Crime

That students who called Afzal Guru as Shahiid means martyr/who sacrifice his life for others and shown his disrespect to the real soldiers like Hanumanthappa, B. Sudesh, Nagesha T T etc who have given their life to protect our nation. Does these student even know the real meaning of ‘Shahid’?? I really felt pity on seen their arguments for a person who helped terrorist to attack our parliament.

Why are you saying that Afzal Guru was treated badly by giving him maximum punishment, where he admit his crime, which is the most major crime called Treason. What is the Other Punishment for that? If we don’t punish people like him, then it will only be an encouragement to others to follow the path for some mere paper called money.

There are so many criminal in our nation, whom are having the punishments as their holidays in the Prison. How many rape cases are reporting daily, Is there any reduction in the number as the punishment given to them? We Indian witness so many crimes day by day, which are major and have to punish severely. But No! Human Right violation in our constitution and different organizations will protect the criminal from his punishment and allot him with a leisures holiday in the prison. Why?  Is Only Criminal have to be put in that square for human right? Why not we think about the victims? Is there NO value for the Victim’s right ?

I am not much experienced or aged person to speak about these things,but these are my opinion about the issues in our nation. Media Is a Powerful weapon in this Era, but don’t blindly believe them.

” Tell me, why is the media here so negative? Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognize our own strengths, our achievements? We are such a great nation. We have so many amazing success stories but we refuse to acknowledge them. Why? “

These are the Word From our Former President A. P. J. Abdul Kamal. Think About the Truth he conveyed through this.

Moving to the second happy and emotional experience I had was, While watching the Asianet film awards 2016. When a fan break the securities and tried to hug his favorite Actor Tamil Vikram. I would I like to call Vikram as Good Human Being for scolding the security and actors for pushing the fan. It really touched to watch those moments, when he came forward and hug the fan and take the photo with him.

These  two are thing which would Like to be Shared my view on.

Jai Hind!


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