Anything For Family : 1

Part 1

Hello I am Anuj, Anuj Singh Rathod… This is all about me and my life..

ok ! now I will introduce you with my crazy family. Why crazy ? You all will know very soon.

In my family, most senior member is my dear granny, Devi Rani Rathod ! She is one who take care of me and my sister, after my parent orphaned us in this world.  My granny is way too sweet with her cunning and naughty nature.She has all the power and authority to take any decision in our family at anytime.

Next I will introduce, my uncle Manoj Rathod and aunt Reena Rathod. These two are the most crazy couple, I have ever seen. My aunt who always ran away from school in childhood, now has a great interest in English language. Thus she always try to speak in her own weird English. Killing a language is not right? isn’t it? Even though I love them, they were always there for me whenever I miss my parents. Uncle and aunt had a love marriage. “My Poor uncle.. His only mistake in this life was that…” Don’t misunderstand me.. these are not my words, it only came from the great Manoj Rathod Only.. 😉

Then my elder sister Mrs. Anjali Mathor. She is sweet but irritating in nature. she is married to a poor soul named Mr. Sanjay Mathor who is a well known criminal lawyer in Deli High Court. He is a roaring lion in the court but at home or we can say… in front of my sis he is only sweet obedient cat!!! Don’t be surprised! Marriage make men like that. This is also Not my words. I happen to heard that from experienced ones. My sis, Anjali is over-caring, over-excited and over-protective.. every emotions relate with her are little over  with an addition of  filmy. Weird combination right?? MY Poor Brother In Law ! They are living only two gates away from us, Thus we can see my sis in our house almost all the time. When Sanjay married my sis, I thought that it’s too bad that we are going to get separated from each other and it’s so kind of my brother in law, that he own a house near to us and all. But… Now what I think is “Why he ever buy a house so near ?” Now don’t ask me why..

Now who left is my younger brother Akash Singh Rathod, ASR2! Ring the bell somewhere? But she calls him like that.. much to my displeasure, who I will come to that later.. Now talking about Akash, He is two years younger to me and in his final year engineering now with her. I don’t like that! they are classmates. May be because I am lil J (Jealous) or may be because of my possessiveness with her. And why shouldn’t I be? She was only my best friend till he return back from his boarding school.But now the situation is different as she is more to him than me, after all they are classmates right? Basically, I am not against sharing friends, but that closure excludes her. I don’t like to share her with anyone even with my brother.

I know that, I mentioned  so much about her to make you all wonder who is this she.. Arrey.. after all every story needs a Heroin right? And She is the One and only heroin in this story.  What should I talk about her? She is her papa’s princess,Only daughter of our neighbor Mr. Rajveer Gupta. he will do anything for her. Not only uncle? Anyone would do..because She is that sweet.. Her Mumma’s Doll.. she is a adorable and obedient daughter. At the same time, she is huge prankster. She is always pulls her granny’s leg, as her granny is way to strict with one thing or the other. Sometime me and Akash also join her for doing pranks.

She holds a special place in my family. Devi Rani Rathod’s day will not start without seeing her doll face, she always call Shikha without any reason. For my uncle and aunt, she is like their own daughter. They are very obsess with her. My Drama Queen sister also adore her very much. She used to save My Brother In Law from his extra filmy wife. Actually Shikha knows how to tackle people well. She is Akash’s best friend and he call her “kookoo”. As I mentioned earlier, they are partners in all the crimes. she always support him, much to my irritation.

For me.. she is my happiness, my Shikha, my close friend..

No..No! I will be lying if I say she is just a friend to me. I realized my feeling for her long back , but the problem is I don’t have much courage to voiced it out, and I think that was my only fault.

We know each other well from our childhood. We get along well as she is very adorable. I was her senior in school as well as college. I was always with her and made sure of her protection in school as well as college. When Akash came back, she befriended with him without neglecting my friendship. She was with me whenever I wanted her by my side. I have shared everything with her, my happiness, my sorrow, my anger and almost everything, except one thing! And I like her so much..

No.. I love her.. Yes.. I LOVE HER.. I never voice it out.. I am waiting for the right time and moment..

After I finishing my engineering, I joined MBA in the same college. The only reason was her. After completing master, I joined office two months before. When she came to wish me good luck for my first day at the office was the last time I saw her. After that she went for her holidays in London. So basically I am terrible missing her now.

Today after  2 months, 1 weeks, 2 days, 11 hours, 23 minutes and 10 seconds, I saw her in front of me with her ever charming face. I already know the fact about her return and waited for her to come to me. You know, to check that she do reciprocate the feeling of missing just like me. On this fateful afternoon, when I saw her before me, I forget all that. I felt content and relaxed, Like I win some match. I wonder when a naughty glint in her eye. That was warning and I become alert. I ignored all my work and stood up to acknowledge her.

Anuj-“Hey… Shikhs.. (Showing my happiness) You back…”

Without leaving the naught glint in her eyes, she happily nodded her head as answer to my question. She was just staring at me like I am answerable to something with a naughty smile.

Anuj-“what??” (with my curiosity)

Shikha-“what what?? “( all smiling)

Anuj-“why are giving me that look … as you have my secret!”

Shikha-“oh! so you have secrets as well..”

Anuj-“no.. (lil tensed) its .. like.. ok.. leave it ! how was your holidays?” (Try to change the topic)

Shikha- “As you were so concern about me.. I know you have so many OTHER things here.. to be concerned.. ”

Anuj-“oh.. hello madam.. what do you mean by other things?? I really asked as I care for you.. give some respect to that.. ok?”

Shikha-“oh I am sorry.. I should give you more respect than before right? I forget about it I am so sorry.. Don’t tell momma that I didn’t give you respect ok.. or she will..”

Anuj-“hey hey..wait.. what are you talking about.. what is up to you all of a sudden ?? why should you  give me respect ? Now you are confusing me..”

Shikha-“oho Anuj.. oops ..sorry! I can’t call you like that from sorry! I forget it..”

Anuj-“what? you can’t call me by my name .. but why?? I didn’t get that point..”(damn confused)

Shikha-“Ya.. mum will kill me if she heard me call you by name..”

Anuj-“But.. why will she do that ? and what happen to you ? did you broke your head on your holiday? (Started Laughing)

Shikha-“Here I am trying to give you respect, and you are making fun of me? not fair! “(Feeling frustrated)

Making her upset was not my intention, so I try to get into the matter.
Anuj-“Ok fine..I am sorry! but why suddenly all these ?”

Shikha-“what suddenly ?? (Shocked) granny said they planned this long before and it was their..” (Making Innocent face)

Anuj-“ their what?? what they planned long ? “( impatiently irrupted)

Shikha-“oho.. now don’t act like you don’t know anything? (Showing her serious face) Oh god! I can’t believe the fact that you are going to be my BIL..(Excited)

Anuj-”BIL?? ” (Totally COnfused)

Shikha-”yes.. Brother In Law (Happily)


Shock was under estimated word to explain my situation now.


To be Continued…


“Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.”- Paulo Coelho


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