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“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love. ” -Albert Einstein

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“There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same. “-Carlos Santana

Anything For Family : 3

Anuj Singh Rathode recently joined the office after completing his MBA. His cazy family consists of six members other than him, Granny, Uncle, Aunt, his sister Anjali, her husband Sanjay, and Brother Akash are there. Shikha is his neighbor and childhood friend. Anuj loves Shikha secretly and waiting for the right moment to confess. When they meet after her holidays, she calls him as her brother in law. He Reject to marry her sister and declares the fact about his secret one side love. Shikha gets angry and move out with his neglection towards her sister. With that every one except Sanjay leaves him for his own.

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Part 3

 After feeling Sanjay’s hands on my shoulder, which intended to console me, only My confused mind register the presence of My BIL beside me.

Sanjay-“Anuj…Where is all this going? It high Time for you to confess..”

When I heard him, I didn’t get him correctly or I would say I didn’t try to understand the real meaning behind. But seeing him giving me a naughty plus serious look I try to clear up. Even before I start, he beat me give Me a 120 volt shock.

Sanjay-“oh.. Now Don’t start your drama in front of me… I know you loves Shikha..”

At that moment I got the realization about my false assumption towards love story. I was standing there imitating a golden fish while opening and closing my mouth while trying hard to form a single word. Giving an assuring smile about his support to my love, he moved out. The motivating word from him gave me some courage. I don’t know  whether this courage could help me to pour my heart out. But I made the decision to try it..This is my chance and I have to use it, with that I headed out with a slogan running in my mind.


When I reached downstairs, all my family members were gathered around there. My granny, uncle, aunt, My sis were passing me angry glances where as Gupta’s were giving a curious and confused look. But I didn’t even bother looking at anyone else, rather than My Shikha. My eyes were on a duty of searching her. When I found her standing with her papa, my heart skipped a beat. When I try to approach her, she made an angry face and look away. And that’s it, I can’t leave her like this. I made my move towards her and stand beside her. I am quite sure that she is being aware about my each and every action.

Gathering all my courage I called her..


No response

“Shikha .. please listen to me..”

No response again.

Anuj-“Shikha.. listen.. I “

Before I could say more, she turned towards me. You guys may think I couldn’t complete my sentence because of my nervousness, right? But that was not the case what happened over here. The crazy family of mine are the world’s best Interrupters ever, so…

Anjali-“oho.. Anuj.. we all heard that much for sure.. (Imitating me) Shikha listen.. Shikha listen.. speak up more..”

Anajli’s interruption irritated me the peak, but that single sentence bring a  small smile on my girl’s face… not Only her.. that comment made everyone laugh… But my focus was only on her small giggle, which made my mind relax and content.

Akash-“(laughing)Yeah Bro..Speak up….”

I just pass a glare towards Akash as I am not in a mood to entertain anyone on my expenses and he received the message correctly.

Anjali-“Akash Keep Quite.. ok?  Otherwise we may have to face an Angry Anuj..”

Akash-“Oops..Sorry Bro..”

Anuj-“ Will you guys please stop it.. “

Granny-“Anuj.. Anjali .. What is all this???”

Shikha’s Papa-“ What happened princess? did Anuj made any mistake??”

Shikha-“Papa.. Don’t take his side.. ok.. He is not going to be your Son In Law..”

Shikha’s papa-“ oh.. Why Anuj.? Don’t you like my daughter?”

Anuj thought-“oh God ! Now how Can I say uncle that I am dying to become his Son In Law.. But Marrying Shikha.. Not any other.”


Granny-“What is that matter Anuj?  Why don’t you like this marry??”

Mami-“Anuj.. waaattiz bis?? “[Weird English]

Anuj-“Aunty.. Granny.. listen to me please.. Uncle I am sorry.. But .. I can’t marry your daughter whose name is sh.. she..”

Aranv thought-“oho!! what was her name?? I couldn’t get even that girls name correctly and these guys are behind me to marry her..Where I am Stuck Up ..God.. ”

“Shreya.. Sherya Gupta”

Then I saw a girl, stand at the corner. Everyone turn towards her when she utter that words. She moved towards me and stood before me.

Shreya-“Hai.. I am Shreya Gupta..”

Shikha-“My sweet sister..”(hugging her from side)

Anuj-“Look Shreya.. I can’t marry you..”

Shikha-“But why Anuj? why are you being so stubborn ”

With that simple why? Everyone started with their own why’s and all kinds of questionings. I started feeling really out of control and fed up with all their questions and answers, which made me to do that.. That  means, I spit out my feelings in front of all in one go..

Anuj-“I can’t marry her(pointing Shreya) .. because I love her..(pointing Shikha)”

Everyone was shocked. None utter anything. My eyes was on my Shikha and No one else. I know she was shocked, and I was not intended or planned to blurred out like this.. It just happened in that moment.. “Anything for my family.. My Shikha..”

Should I just stop here or continue? I know you guys are just eager to know Shikha’s reaction, just Like me.Right? So here we go..

Akash was the first one who recovered from the shock, he just walk up to me and hugged me. Literally speaking, It was the least expected reaction, I have ever imagined.

Akash-“Finally…I am glad that you voice it out bro.. congrats!”

His words not only shocked me  and the family, it even shocked my Shikha. She moved towards us and turn him.

Shikha-“Akki.. you already know this??”

Akash-“oh.. opps.. KooKoo.. It’s not like that.. actually.. I didn’t know that… but I had my doubts..”

Anjali-“Akash.. “


Sanjay-“Akash.. You too??”

Anjali-“What.. what do you mean by that?? Did you also had your doubts?.”

Sanjay-“I.. Anjali.. wo.. I..”

Anjali-“What.. wo.. I..?? Sanjay? Spit everything truth out now..”

By this Ball is in drama queen’s court.

Sanjay-“Anjali.. What I meant is the same as Akash.. I was also having my share of doubts.. that’s all..”

Anjali-“Everybody had their doubts?? Then Why Didn’t I got One??”

Sanjay-“For that , You have to look around yourself other than films and gossiping. ”


And With that supper comment from my BIL there Started a flimy fight, poor BIL ! I pity him.Everyone was so engrossed in their fight that none notice my Shikha was not there. I look around started my search to follow her. I guess I know where will she go.. may be to our secret spot..

When I reached there, I spot her in our swing.. I moved towards her and stood before her. She just looked at me only once and looked away..


No response

Anuj-“Shikha .. please.. I know it was a shock to you.. but I am sorry I could help it.. I know It all came out on wrong note.. But I just Want to say is.. I Love…”

But before I could say further her soft voice hit my ears

Shikha-“From When..”

I was startled by that..


Shikha-“From when did you started loving me??”

I smiled at her.

Anuj-“ When I learned the Meaning of the word ‘LOve’.. from then I guess..”

She looked at my eyes, and our eyelock..I moved towards her and cupped her face..

Anuj-“I love you Shikha.. I only loved you.. will you love me?”

Shikha-“Anuj.. I..”

Anuj-“I know Shikha.. I know you want time.. I am ready to wait for you.. my entire life I ready to wait.. take you time to think.. Think And Think And Think.. and say a “yes”.. please..”

She laughed at my confession. We were laughing and having our time. When I felt  her soft hands cupping my face, she looked at my eyes directly. Before I say anything I felt something on my cheek.. something as soft as a rose petal.. her lips..I looked at her and smiled widely.. I hug in such a way that my life depends on that hug..In that moment heard that most precious word from her..

“ I love you too..”

I was in cloud nine.. I broken our hug and looked at her eyes, while cupping her face in my hands.. I decided to experience my first lip lock. I looked at her eyes so romantically.. Romance was the only thing we could feel.. We were in our world of love.. I titled her face and moved to capture her ever blooming pink glowing lips..I closed my eyes and made my move,.. and  kissed her

When I open my eyes. I see a hand, a hand?? Who the hell interrupted out sweet moment? Then that voice hit my ears..

“SOn In Law.. All these are permitted only after marriage.. It that ok??..”

I nodded my head with a “Pling” Expression. I realized the fact that we were not alone and our family were also present over that with their laughters.. The Point which I mentioned earlier ” Best Interrupting Family in the World “.. Thus my first lip lock  ended so fast ! but I am happy with the fact that I got my Family..

“Anything for My Family”

The end.

Anything For Family : 2

Anuj Singh Rathode recently joined the office after completing his MBA. His cazy family consists of six members other than him, Granny, Uncle, Aunt, his sister Anjali, her husband Sanjay, and Brother Akash are there. Shikha is his neighbor and childhood friend. Anuj loves Shikha secretly and waiting for the right moment to confess. When they meet after her holidays, she calls him as her brother in law.

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Part 2


Shock was under estimated word to explain my situation.

Shikha-“What what?? Why are you shouting??”( showing her innocent face)

Anuj-“what did you just call me?” (controlling my anger and shock as well)

The feeling inside me was to punch the person before. But I can’t do that to my Shikha. right. But Why can’t she understand that and I try to control my anger.

Shikha-“ Brother In Law ”

Anuj-“what the hell? (Damn angered) Why are you calling me that?? is it some joke? Please I didn’t like it at all.. please stop it ok!”

I am damn irritated and pissed now. What is she upto now.. oh god ! Brother In Law ?? me seriously??

Shikha-“joke? No.. no.. I am serious, oho Anuj.. when you will marry my sister then by relation you will become my Brother In Law only.. right?” (with an obvious expression)

Anuj-“what the hell? When did I say I will marry your sister? I will not marry your damn sister .. do you understand..“(with some harsh tone!)

I know it will hurt her.. but I have to stop her, otherwise she won’t give up on this topic.. I know that very well.

Shikha-“what?? You won’t marry my sister.. ”(lil hurt tone)


By saying that I turn my face to other side to show my arrogance and irritation on this topic. But with that Shikha started her water work, I mean Crying. Oh god I can’t see her tear. I was going to console her, when that idiot brother of mine came into the picture.

Akash-“KooKoo .. What happened? Why are you  crying??”


Anuj-“Shikha.. Stop this drama now.. Ok??”(highly irritated! Why he have to come damn it.. she is crying..)

Shikha-“Drama?? You think I am doing some drama over here?”

That time Anjali “drama queen of my family” enter into the scene too much to increase my irritation. “What a timing ?  God ! can’t you show some mercy on me ?” these were the thoughts running on my head.

Anjali-“Shikha… (with Shocked expression) What Happen?

Oh GOD ! (dramatically caring) Why are you crying? ”

Akash-“KooKoo.. tell me.. what happened ?”(showing so much care)

Shikha-“Akki.. Didi ..(sobbing) Anuj said that he won’t marry my sister!”

Anjali-“What??  Anuj ..(Turning toward me) are you out of your mind? what are you saying?”

There started the drama  of  my ever irritating sister.“oh god ! where am I stuck up?” thinking that I try to clear my part.

Anuj-“Didi listen me out please.. she said that I want to marry her SISTER.. HER SISTER? (turning towards Shikha) ring some bell?? “

Akash-“What bell?”

 Everyone give me a confused look, which confused me more.

Anuj-“ which sister, Shikha? I didn’t seen or heard about her till now.. then how will I marry someone , whom I didn’t even know?”

Anajli-“oho Anuj.. you silly! you made all of us worried for this..(Sighing a relief ) It is really small thing.. Actually fault is on me, I forget to show you the Sherya’s photo..Sorry.. Ok.. Where I kept It?? (Thinking) ah…It there in Granny’s room.. I will just take that came..”

With that Anjali move out to take the photograph. The things are not going as per my thought, what should I do now.

Shikha-“oh !  you just made me cry because you didn’t get to see Sherya di..”

Akash-“oho Bro.. you are too much! Come on.. KooKoo be happy ”

Anuj-“what the hell. ! When did I say I wanted to see her? (angry) I don’t want to see anyone.. and listen me very careful you two.. I won’t marry her.. ok?“

Akash and Shikha unison-“What? but why??”

Anuj-“I can’t” (Helplessly)

Shikha-“What do you mean by “you can’t”? “(with Anger)

Akash-“Are you not into marry any girl?” (slowly )

Shikha-“What do you mean?”

Akash-“I just want know that he resisting marry Sherya only? or ..”

Anuj-“Shut up Akash..I meant I can’t marry Sherya..”

Akash-“So are you telling us that you are not against marriage?”

Anuj-” Yes..I didn’t meant that ever..”(Seriously)

Shikha -” Then Why are you so against to this proposal? My sister , she is so beautiful.. well educated.. well mannered.. She will be a prefect  for you.. I can guarantee you that..”

Anuj-“Shut up…just shut up.. (Shouted ) I very well know what is good for me.. ok? (Giving an angry look ) and I will NOT Marry You Sister.. that final”

Shikha-“Why? There have to be a valid reason.. otherwise..”

Anuj-“otherwise what? I will not marry your sister or anyone.. rather than..”

Akash-“Rather than??”

Anuj-“ Rather than  someone I love..”

Akash and Shikha unison-“What?”

Silence! Nobody utter a words after that. I think it was due to their shock. Even I was shocked with my words. Akash was the first one who recovered from it.



Akash-“Bro in love with someone?? really ??”(Surprised and smile)

Shikha-“you love someone??” (Surprised)

Anuj-“what is there to be surprised?? Can’t I love someone?”

Shikha-“who is that?”(Suddenly she become serious)

My heart just jumped around with joy sensing jealousy on my love face.

Akash-“yes.. who is that ?”


How my  mind wish to say the truth and finish this off once and for all.. But my poor heart is still confused and little afraid about break. God! you are not at all with me today.

Shikha-“ Come tell us fast Anuj..”

Anuj-“Shikha That.. I..”

Akash-“Come on Bro.. Don’t be shy.. Tell us whoever it is? “

Shy my foot! But How I can just tell them..  I was really in dilemma when Akash raised another question which was a life guard for me.

Akash-“Is it someone from our college??”

That’s when I thought to them clue while answering that question.. Thanks Akash..


Shikha-“from our college? Is that ..”


Shikha-“who neena?”

Akash-“Hot beauty from his class…”

Shikha-“ Akki.. It Naina.. not Neena”

Akash-“Yeah right.. That one.. Naina.. Is that Naina, bro?”

I happened to seen Shikha’s anger face on taking Naina’s name . I remember she had a very bad opinion about that girl and she even complaint about her to me once. Thus this cluing thing is not going in the  right direction as I Thought. This is good of nothing brother of mine will only help me to put a full stop to my love. Thus I at once try to clear the air.


Shikha-“Then Who? Zara?”

Akash-“That short hair one?”

Shikha-“No ! the one with long hair.. from Electrical dept ..”

Akash-“What her? No bro no…Please don’t say me it her you are in love with.. she was so mean to me…”


Akash-“On that day when  we…”

But before he could complete I irrupted him. this matter is getting worse than I thought.

Anuj-“Will you guys.. Please stop this.. (highly irritated ) It’s not any Zara or Naina! “

Akash and Shikha unison- “Then”

The eagerness to know the name was clearly showing on her eye. But before I could open my mouth, there enter my sister.

Anjali-“ Anuj .. here.. take this photo and see as much you want..”

Shikha-“Didi .. he didn’t want that ever.. “

Anjali-“What? ”

Akash-“Yes Anjali Didi.. our Bro don’t want that because, he is in love with someone..”


With that, Sanjay my BIL made a grant entered into picture.

Shyam-“What? Anuj and Love?”

Anjali-“My brother is in Love..(jumping with happiness) wow.. I can’t believe it.. oh my god..(Laughing) I am so happy.. Anuj and Love.. Who is it ?? (excited) And what is your love story? how you propose her? Oh god Anuj.. why didn’t you tell me..(mix of Anger and sad)”

Anuj-“ Actually..(thinking how say) the story didn’t started yet..”

Anjali-“What? not yet started means? Don’t Confuse us..(Confused) now please..”

Akash-“Yeah Bro.. (Confused)”

Shikha-“Wait.. (Curious ) Story doesn’t started yet means.. Is it a one side love? or you didn’t proposed her yet ? ”

My smart girl.. She always read out well, then how can she doesn’t notice that I love her.

Before I could confirm her doubt Didi interrupted the conversation.

Anjali-“You didn’t even proposed yet? (More confused) Oh Anuj.. are you waiting for her wedding to fix to propose her? You are unbelievable brother…”

Shyam-“Anjali.. let him speak something  na..”

Thank God! at least my Brother In Law think to hear me out.. I would like to nominate him in noble prize for peace. After all he is the one who is living with my Didi accepting all her craziness.

Anjali-“Oh..Sanjay.. Don’t you hear him properly.. he didn’t even proposed that her.. I even doubt that girl ever exist ? (curiously) My detective mind smell something fishy here.. (Shooting me daggers)I think he making excuses to escape from this marriage? Just think by yourself.. till today there was no one in his life.. then suddenly where did this girl came.. (raising one eyebrow) so Its really waste of time to go behind a non-existing girl.. (Fully turning towards me) so Anuj…here Take this photo (Putting photo in my hand) and get ready for your wedding..

Aranv-“No.. Never… (wrapped the photo into a ball )I don’t want any photo.. (throw the paper ball somewhere with anger)And I will not marry any Shreya.. Expect the girl I love..”

Everyone shocked at my reaction and staring at the paper ball in the corner. Shikha just walk up there and  pick up the photo. By the time she open that, her eyes were wet.

Shikha-“How can you do like that?? (giving a sad look) she is my sister..”

Oh! I can’t stand on her tears, It tears me apart.

Anuj-“Shikha .. I.. I ..(really sad)

But she didn’t want to hear me out..

Shikha-“Go to hell.. Anuj.. I don’t want to talk to you…”

With that she marched out of the room displaying her disappointment clearly.

Akash-“You are unbelievable bro….KooKoo wait…”

He rushed behind her. Why god! Why are you after me today? Can’t I deserver a little amount of peace in my life? Now How will I tell the truth?

Anjali-“You and your love..Anuj..  (anger) Now are you happy  with your doing? are you satisfied?”


Anjali-“No Sanjay.. Today.. He is wrong.. and he have to admit it.. “

Sharing her anger to me and my BIL, she also made a walk out. I am total broken man now. I am sad not because nobody understand me or takes me seriously. I am sad because I made her cry. In my confused stated I didn’t noticed the presence of My BIL besides me.

After feeling his hands on my shoulder, which are trying to console me I realize his presence.

Sanjay-“Anuj…Where is all this going? It high Time for you to confess..”

Firstly I didn’t get him correctly but seeing him giving me a naughty smile I try to clear up. But even before I start he give Me a 120 volt shock.

Sanjay-“oh.. Now Don’t start your drama in front of me… I know you loves Shikha..”

I was standing there imitating a golden fish while opening and closing my mouth while trying hard to form a sentence. Giving an assuring smile about his support to my love story, he moved out my room.

To be continue..

Anything For Family : 1

Part 1

Hello I am Anuj, Anuj Singh Rathod… This is all about me and my life..

ok ! now I will introduce you with my crazy family. Why crazy ? You all will know very soon.

In my family, most senior member is my dear granny, Devi Rani Rathod ! She is one who take care of me and my sister, after my parent orphaned us in this world.  My granny is way too sweet with her cunning and naughty nature.She has all the power and authority to take any decision in our family at anytime.

Next I will introduce, my uncle Manoj Rathod and aunt Reena Rathod. These two are the most crazy couple, I have ever seen. My aunt who always ran away from school in childhood, now has a great interest in English language. Thus she always try to speak in her own weird English. Killing a language is not right? isn’t it? Even though I love them, they were always there for me whenever I miss my parents. Uncle and aunt had a love marriage. “My Poor uncle.. His only mistake in this life was that…” Don’t misunderstand me.. these are not my words, it only came from the great Manoj Rathod Only.. 😉

Then my elder sister Mrs. Anjali Mathor. She is sweet but irritating in nature. she is married to a poor soul named Mr. Sanjay Mathor who is a well known criminal lawyer in Deli High Court. He is a roaring lion in the court but at home or we can say… in front of my sis he is only sweet obedient cat!!! Don’t be surprised! Marriage make men like that. This is also Not my words. I happen to heard that from experienced ones. My sis, Anjali is over-caring, over-excited and over-protective.. every emotions relate with her are little over  with an addition of  filmy. Weird combination right?? MY Poor Brother In Law ! They are living only two gates away from us, Thus we can see my sis in our house almost all the time. When Sanjay married my sis, I thought that it’s too bad that we are going to get separated from each other and it’s so kind of my brother in law, that he own a house near to us and all. But… Now what I think is “Why he ever buy a house so near ?” Now don’t ask me why..

Now who left is my younger brother Akash Singh Rathod, ASR2! Ring the bell somewhere? But she calls him like that.. much to my displeasure, who I will come to that later.. Now talking about Akash, He is two years younger to me and in his final year engineering now with her. I don’t like that! they are classmates. May be because I am lil J (Jealous) or may be because of my possessiveness with her. And why shouldn’t I be? She was only my best friend till he return back from his boarding school.But now the situation is different as she is more to him than me, after all they are classmates right? Basically, I am not against sharing friends, but that closure excludes her. I don’t like to share her with anyone even with my brother.

I know that, I mentioned  so much about her to make you all wonder who is this she.. Arrey.. after all every story needs a Heroin right? And She is the One and only heroin in this story.  What should I talk about her? She is her papa’s princess,Only daughter of our neighbor Mr. Rajveer Gupta. he will do anything for her. Not only uncle? Anyone would do..because She is that sweet.. Her Mumma’s Doll.. she is a adorable and obedient daughter. At the same time, she is huge prankster. She is always pulls her granny’s leg, as her granny is way to strict with one thing or the other. Sometime me and Akash also join her for doing pranks.

She holds a special place in my family. Devi Rani Rathod’s day will not start without seeing her doll face, she always call Shikha without any reason. For my uncle and aunt, she is like their own daughter. They are very obsess with her. My Drama Queen sister also adore her very much. She used to save My Brother In Law from his extra filmy wife. Actually Shikha knows how to tackle people well. She is Akash’s best friend and he call her “kookoo”. As I mentioned earlier, they are partners in all the crimes. she always support him, much to my irritation.

For me.. she is my happiness, my Shikha, my close friend..

No..No! I will be lying if I say she is just a friend to me. I realized my feeling for her long back , but the problem is I don’t have much courage to voiced it out, and I think that was my only fault.

We know each other well from our childhood. We get along well as she is very adorable. I was her senior in school as well as college. I was always with her and made sure of her protection in school as well as college. When Akash came back, she befriended with him without neglecting my friendship. She was with me whenever I wanted her by my side. I have shared everything with her, my happiness, my sorrow, my anger and almost everything, except one thing! And I like her so much..

No.. I love her.. Yes.. I LOVE HER.. I never voice it out.. I am waiting for the right time and moment..

After I finishing my engineering, I joined MBA in the same college. The only reason was her. After completing master, I joined office two months before. When she came to wish me good luck for my first day at the office was the last time I saw her. After that she went for her holidays in London. So basically I am terrible missing her now.

Today after  2 months, 1 weeks, 2 days, 11 hours, 23 minutes and 10 seconds, I saw her in front of me with her ever charming face. I already know the fact about her return and waited for her to come to me. You know, to check that she do reciprocate the feeling of missing just like me. On this fateful afternoon, when I saw her before me, I forget all that. I felt content and relaxed, Like I win some match. I wonder when a naughty glint in her eye. That was warning and I become alert. I ignored all my work and stood up to acknowledge her.

Anuj-“Hey… Shikhs.. (Showing my happiness) You back…”

Without leaving the naught glint in her eyes, she happily nodded her head as answer to my question. She was just staring at me like I am answerable to something with a naughty smile.

Anuj-“what??” (with my curiosity)

Shikha-“what what?? “( all smiling)

Anuj-“why are giving me that look … as you have my secret!”

Shikha-“oh! so you have secrets as well..”

Anuj-“no.. (lil tensed) its .. like.. ok.. leave it ! how was your holidays?” (Try to change the topic)

Shikha- “As you were so concern about me.. I know you have so many OTHER things here.. to be concerned.. ”

Anuj-“oh.. hello madam.. what do you mean by other things?? I really asked as I care for you.. give some respect to that.. ok?”

Shikha-“oh I am sorry.. I should give you more respect than before right? I forget about it I am so sorry.. Don’t tell momma that I didn’t give you respect ok.. or she will..”

Anuj-“hey hey..wait.. what are you talking about.. what is up to you all of a sudden ?? why should you  give me respect ? Now you are confusing me..”

Shikha-“oho Anuj.. oops ..sorry! I can’t call you like that from sorry! I forget it..”

Anuj-“what? you can’t call me by my name .. but why?? I didn’t get that point..”(damn confused)

Shikha-“Ya.. mum will kill me if she heard me call you by name..”

Anuj-“But.. why will she do that ? and what happen to you ? did you broke your head on your holiday? (Started Laughing)

Shikha-“Here I am trying to give you respect, and you are making fun of me? not fair! “(Feeling frustrated)

Making her upset was not my intention, so I try to get into the matter.
Anuj-“Ok fine..I am sorry! but why suddenly all these ?”

Shikha-“what suddenly ?? (Shocked) granny said they planned this long before and it was their..” (Making Innocent face)

Anuj-“ their what?? what they planned long ? “( impatiently irrupted)

Shikha-“oho.. now don’t act like you don’t know anything? (Showing her serious face) Oh god! I can’t believe the fact that you are going to be my BIL..(Excited)

Anuj-”BIL?? ” (Totally COnfused)

Shikha-”yes.. Brother In Law (Happily)


Shock was under estimated word to explain my situation now.


To be Continued…


“Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.”- Paulo Coelho